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As a parent of a child of autism, there are many times I have "googled" the word "autism" over the years.  Thinking back, I  have spent literally hundreds of hours scouring the internet for information.  I also have been able to join support groups that pass on great links to their members. 

If your child has been newly diagnosed with autism, it is often difficult and confusing to find services to help your child.  So, I thought I would create a list of links of websites that I find helpful. 

I do not personally endorse everything listed on the websites listed.  Rather, I like to look at them as a "buffet"...Take what I like, and leave what I don't.  You need to use your best judgement when deciding what services and treatments are best for your child and family.

It bears mentioning that some of these links are Pennsylvania specific.  In addition to Early Intervention and School Services, Pennsylvania has what is commonly known as "wraparound" services.  The state provides a great deal of information about how to access these services.

Recently, Pennsylvania legislators passed a law requiring insurance companies to pay for autism services.  Since parents and providers have many questions about how this will work exactly, I anticipate the state will be providing links to information as it is available.

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Autism Society of America,

National Autism Association,

Autism Research Institute,

Defeat Autism Now!,

Age of Autism,

Unlocking Autism,

Coalition for SafeMinds,

Generation Rescue,


Autism Speaks,


Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy,

Education Law Center and the Pennsylvania School Reform Network,

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network,


The Arc of Chester County,

The Chester County Autism Support Group, (Website coming soon!)

The Asperger Syndrome Alliance for Greater Philadelphia,

Autism Alliance of Chester County,

Chester County Intermediate Unit, CATCH,

PA Department of Public Welfare, Autism Services,

PA Department of Welfare – Wraparound Instructions,

How to Apply for Medical Assistance,


Pennsylvania Department of Education,

PA Insurance Act (Act 62),


Include our Kids, Autism,
Model Me Kids,

Soul Support,

Quest Therapeutic Services,

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