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Happy Halloween!

While my son loves dressing up in costumes, he doesn't care too much for scary houses or candy.  If there is one thing I have learned over the past 9 years, we can make autism and holidays work.  No matter what the issues, there is hope and we have fun.

So my son doesn't like candy on a day when most kids get more candy than any other day of the year.  No worries in our household.  He loves dressing up and ends up dressing like the Hulk a few other days during the year too! :)  Sometimes I even buy more than one costume just so he can dress up like a Nascar driver and Batman in the same day.

As for the trick or treating, we keep it short and only visit a few houses.  He is happy just to be participating.  When we are done trick or treating, he helps me answer the door and truly enjoys seeing all the other kids.  When the night comes to an end, the family ends up helping him with his candy! :-)

Happy Halloween!

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